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Import from Shopify is here!

February 09, 2022 admin

We are happy to introduce the new feature "Import from Shopify" which allows you to import your existing orders from your Shopify store. You may import your data as many times as you need. After an import has been started, all data is being processed…

Launch of Beta program

December 31, 2021 admin

Today, on the very last day of 2021 we are proud to announce new Beta Program. We are developing lot of new features that are in a preview yet, available only for Beta Program members. Until today, Beta Program has been activated upon request. From…

6 tips for the self-employed during COVID-19

February 21, 2021 admin

Home Office Tip 1: Create a liquidity plan The very first thing you should do is create a plan that measures your liquidity. You should find out exactly how much money you are taking in and how much money you are spending. It's very handy for you to…